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Are you sitting uncomfortably ……… then we will begin!

  • March 28, 2017
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  • Are you sitting uncomfortably ……… then we will begin!

With 50-70% of people sitting up to 8 hours a day, it’s no wonder as osteopaths we find that patients are getting all sorts of back and shoulder problems. Not only does it cause spinal problems but the latest research showed that prolonged sitting causes other disease and poor health.

Compared to people who sit the least, those who spend most time in a chair have a 112% higher risk of developing diabetes, a 147% higher risk of suffering “cardiovascular events” such as strokes and a 49% increased risk of death from any cause.


This sounds really bad but how can you limit the damage and get moving whilst being stationary. The new buzz word is ACTIVE SITTING. ie moving whilst sitting.


What are the best ways of achieving this?


The easiest and cheapest: £20-

A Togu or Sit Fit wobble cushion. Basically, an air filled cushion that you can place on your normal office chair. It keeps your spine moving and activates your spinal muscles.

Bounce yourself better: £20-30

Exercise balls have been around for years in gyms to help with core abdominal strength but are also fantastic to spend time on in the office as a chair substitute. Get one and spend 30 minutes on it and then give to a work colleague! A 65cm ball would suit most people.

Stand at work: £250-800

These are all the rage at the moment (in Sweden there is new legislation that all government employees must be allowed access to one!). Your normal desk elevates so you have to stand whilst working. Great for all joints and burns more than 30% more calories than sitting.

See local Bristol Company –

Rock yourself better: £800

The ‘Ten Two’ chair has been around since the 1970’s and is a classic design, loved by all who buy one. Gently rocks you and keeps all your joints in your leg and spine on the go. Expensive but brilliant.

Visit Bristol’s best spinal product shop in Park Street –


There are many other ways of doing the same thing, but these are no substitute for actually getting up and walking. Old fashion but we have been doing it for thousands of years! 10000 steps on your pedometer is the recommended daily amount. Few do this much each day.

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