Have you Injured your Back? You are not Alone.

  • April 21, 2017
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  • Have you Injured your Back? You are not Alone.

Each year over 137 million working are lost due to employees taking sick days for back injuries. It is a common problem which I am sure a lot of us have experienced. Perhaps we have had treatment from a therapist or the injury has just healed over time. But how many of us pay attention to our attitudes towards our backs and what are our beliefs about them? 

When you injure your back the chances are that you have sustained a strain to a muscle or a joint. Our backs are very compact and strong structures and serious damage to the back does not happen as often as you might think. It may seem at odds that quite a small action such as picking up a pencil can cause such pain but while the back is strong, it is sensitive and it has to be. The spinal canal houses the spinal cord with branches of nerves which supply the muscles in order so that we can move efficiently. Should anything external damage the cord or come into contact with the cord it can potentially damage our muscle system. So the tissues around the spine have to be sensitive in order to advise us that damage has occurred and that it needs addressing. 

I have often heard how patients have been told that they need to strengthen their back through weights and or a course of Pilates or yoga. Sometimes this is true, but often the patient just needs to keep moving which in turn will strengthen the back and the whole body. Of course, yoga, Pilates and weights are excellent methods of retaining elasticity, suppleness and strength. But sometimes we might just need to rest our back and then get it moving.

There is much that we can do for own backs in terms of recovery and sometimes it can just be small steps all added together that make the difference.  Generally it’s worth reminding ourselves that our backs are strong solid structures that can withstand alot. Keeping our bodies moving helps to keep the back supple and strong and now that the summer is upon us, putting down those hand held computers and getting out into nature is most definitely going to help! 

Give our backs positive instructions, if a movement hurts then don’t do it

Check out our website which gives some ideas on how to gently stretch your back and other muscle groups. Remember that if it hurts then the stretch is either too strong or not for you.

Sometimes there is nothing like some expert advice to save you time and get you on the road to recovery. We are on hand six days a week to help you and have evening appointments too.

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