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  • February 24, 2017
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Mark Twain once said that golf was a good walk spoiled. Now I am not known to argue with literary geniuses, but on this occasion I feel that the bearded wonder may have got this one, well, wrong. I have had many a fine evening wondering the hallowed turfs of England’s green and pleasant land and apart from the odd time when I have scuffed the ball into the pond I have never considered it wasted.


Perhaps like many others, you were entranced by the recent British Open going into Monday and there being a three way tie at St Andrews Old Course. Perhaps you have become inspired by the professionals and either want to don the plus fours again or take up the sport.


If so, then there are a few things you need to consider. In Golf, it is one sport where in order to achieve the perfect shot, all the components of the swing need to be in harmony.  For this, we need strong, flexible feet, stable and moveable hips and a responsive and adaptable thoracic spine (the bit in the middle).


Most of the drive and power in golf come from the hips, so having good strong buttock muscles are essential. In order to do this, squats and lunges are a good start. The feet need to be strong too because a) you are going to be doing a lot of walking and b) a lot of movement and stability is required in them to keep the swing in check. If your feet are inflexible you will start to recruit muscles from higher up the chain and this will reduce your impact when striking the ball.


The rotation in golf starts in the thoracic spine and this is the really key area. If this part of the spine is inflexible, then the lumbar spine (the lower part) begins to do too much rotation and this is where problems start to happen. The low back should really just be the channel between the hips and the thorax, just passing the information between each other. The moment it stops being the messenger is when we begin to injure ourselves.


So how can we prevent this. First have a try of these exercises below:






and Spine



If you feel that you might need some assistance with these exercises, then please contact us and we can help you with any queries you may have.


Book Online to see Kieron for expert help or call us on 01392 428141


Golf is meant to be fun and is a great way of exercising and keeping fit. Allied to all of the exercises above, always make sure that you warm up for 10 minutes at least before you play.  Go for a walk, swing the club in the opposite direction to normal and get the blood pumping by running on the spot. You may get some strange looks, but then you won’t be the one nursing a sore back at the end of the round! Good luck!

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