Patient Testimonials

“I have worked with and referred to Toby and Dan over the last 6 years with outstanding results for my patients. The development of Exeter Osteopaths is the inevitable outcome of first class care.”
Dr. R Sharma Med. Director Diagnostic Care (The single largest group of Doctors and CAM practitioners in the UK)

“Following a heavy fall onto the back of my head, I had treatment from Daniel and Toby. The severe head and neck pain quickly eased which was such a relief. Later I had more hands on work to help my long term hip and lower back pain. This made a tremendous dif¬ference and people even commented on how much easier I was walking. I have recommended them to many of my friends.”
Mrs M, Exeter

"Not only does Toby provide an excellent professional service, but he does so with genuine care and concern for your individual needs. His subject knowledge is vast and his 'no stone unturned' approach incredibly thorough, instilling a strong sense of confidence right from your first consultation. I would therefore recommend Toby without hesitation, especially to anyone with a sporting injury (even one that does not initially appear to be spine related!)."
I.Q. Exeter

“After seeing many specialists for my ITT band and knee pain Toby took one look at it and said it was coming from my back and realigned it. He made it look so simple and fixed it in three sessions. I’m now running properly again for the first time in 18 months.”
Mr J, London

"I have seen James for a persisitent lower back problem. He told me that I would know in two treatments whether this was the right treatment for my problem. I have noticed an enormous improvement after just one treatment. I am in far less pain, I have less stiffness in the mornings and very few spasms now. I would definitely recommend that you try it."
Sandy, Exeter

"Toby's expertise has been invaluable in helping me to recover and get back to full functioning fitness from a major operation earlier in the year. He has done great work improving my joint alignment and reducing the pain from spasming muscles. His use of dry needling has also proved remarkably effective when just stretching was proving ineffective."

"Caring and friendly, Exeter Osteopaths are, more importantly, excellent. Different postural health problems over the years have been quickly solved and very useful advice has been given both to me and to my family. Highly recommended."
R.Flood, Exeter

"I made the decision to consult Daniel based on his links with the Exeter Hip and Knee Clinic. Since seeing him I have experienced a significant improvement in my back pain, hip movement and nerve pain. I shall be seeing him for a regular session every month or so now."
John Woodward, Taunton

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