Nutritional Therapy and Allergy Testing

'You are what you absorb!' A fabulous saying! Your diet could be fantastic but the body is not benefiting from all that nutrition it's fed as the digestive enzymes are not working to their potential. Nutritional therapists are trained to advise patients on how to improve their overall health either mentally, physically or environmentally (or all three) by looking at what their bodies need in terms of vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and proteins. This is usually achieved by developing a detailed analysis of the patient's diet and lifestyle. Life is very challenging these days with everyday demands, worries and stresses. Nutritional therapy can help people discover which foods are good for you as an individual and what you can do to eat yourself to better health - to help rid of unwanted symptoms and prevent illnesses in the first place.

Patients typically present themselves with chronic health problems such as fatigue, stress, anxiety, digestive orders, skin complaints, hormonal imbalances, headaches and depression. Often they have been to see their GP, but there are no obvious markers for the GP to prescribe medicine, especially if their blood tests and other diagnostics seem to show they are fit and well. Nevertheless they feel unwell, life is a struggle - this is where nutritional therapy can be life changing.

There are several tests that can be carried out to help as investigative tools to find the root cause of the symptoms. These tests range from food intolerance tests, stool tests, vitamin and mineral deficiency tests, an adrenal stress test or a verbal diagnostic to simply assess if the body is absorbing properly.

A lot of people read snippets in health articles about how a certain nutrient is beneficial for a particular symptom They then take it for a while only to find out that it is affecting their absorption of other nutrients, causing whole new problems. One example being an iron supplement can impair your absorption of calcium and zinc which are both just as necessary for good health as iron. This is where guidance from a Nutritional Therapist is crucial to getting the right level of nutrients for each individual as well as looking at any medication their GP might have prescribed for them in order to avoid any interactions.

Where there is a willing patient and a professional Nutritional Therapist, this process can be enjoyable and fulfilling for both parties and create lifelong benefits for the patient. The body is perfectly capable of healing itself, when and if it is given the right tools for the job.

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