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Rehabilitation is an important part of treating your injuries. A rehabilitation programme aims to return the injured body part to normal function by gradually introducing it to every day movements and exercise.

With most sports injuries, after the initial recovery, it helps to move the injured part as soon as possible to help speed up the healing process. Gentle exercises should help improve the area’s range of motion. As movement becomes easier and the pain decreases, stretching and strengthening exercises can be introduced.

The rehabilitation process, can be a slow one but it should be tailored to me your needs and to fit into your lifestyle. Your rehabilitation programme should include progressive exercises and should be reviewed regularly.

You will start by doing frequent repetitions of a few simple exercises before gradually increasing the amount that you do and adapting exercises. Depending on your injury your rehabilitation programme could be a few weeks or a number of months, you need to stick and complete the programme to reduce chance of injury reoccurring. Avoid painful activities and do not return to your sport until you have no pain, and full strength and flexibility have returned to the injured area.

Joanna Smith has a degreee in Sports Therapy and has worked at the Paralympic World Cup and with various rugby teams including Premiership rugby side Exeter Chiefs, where she spent a total of four seasons. Jo has also lectured at Exeter College on the sports therapy degree programme clinic. Jo specialises in Sports and Remedial Massage, Injury Rehabilitation, Myofasical release, Kinesiology taping, Pregnancy Massage, Acupuncture and Thai Massage.

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